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contacttuvnaz 29. 12. 2020, 10:29
I'm happy to welcome you!

We offer sending newsletters via contact forms to the sites of firms via all countries of the world in all languages.

Your letter is sent to E-mail address
of organization 100% will get to the incoming folder!

2000 bases:

twenty thousand messages on foreign zones to your electronic box - 20 dollars.
We need from You only electronic box, title and text of the letter.

In our price list there are more 800 databases for all countries of the world.
Common databases:
All Europe 44 countries 60726150 of domains - 1100$
All European Union 28 countries 56752547 of sites- 1000$
All Asia 48 countries 14662004 of sites - 300$
All Africa 50 countries 1594390 of domain names - 200$
All North and Central America in 35 countries 7441637 of domains - 300$
All South America 14 countries 5826884 of sites - 200$
New sites from around the world registered 24-48 hours ago. (A cycle of 15 mailings during the month) - 500$
Businesses of RF 4025015 - 300$
Ukraine 1114526 of domain names - 100$
All Russian-speaking countries minus Russia are 14 countries and there are 1979217 of sites - 200$
New sites of the Russian Federation, registered 24-48 hours ago (A cycle of 15 mailings during the month) - 250$

Our databases:
WHOIS databases of domains for all countries of the world.
You can purchase our databases separately from newsletter's service at the r
  • Roscoe Andes 01. 03. 2023, 16:09

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  • Elsie Keir 03. 03. 2023, 22:39
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  • Alda Russell 04. 03. 2023, 01:43
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  • Nathan Tiller 06. 03. 2023, 03:22
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    Alex M.
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  • Tamika Belt 07. 03. 2023, 00:16

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  • Mellisa Holzman 07. 03. 2023, 15:37
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  • Sheldon Strain 08. 03. 2023, 07:05
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  • Cortez Hershberger 10. 03. 2023, 04:04

    Attention: Accounts Payable / Domain Owner / iKarlin.cz - inzerty: Newsletters of Your offers via contact forms to the sites

    Your Domain: www.invalidovna.cz
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  • Darby Stilwell 11. 03. 2023, 09:11
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  • Ben Ackermann 11. 03. 2023, 17:27

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  • Bertie Gartrell 17. 03. 2023, 22:40

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  • Aaliyah Ambrose 25. 03. 2023, 02:48
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  • Alberta Serena 27. 03. 2023, 11:27

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  • Soon Agar 28. 03. 2023, 05:47

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